Wednesday, December 11, 2019

A Handshake of Acceptance To The Uniformed Service

After the long-hurdled journey from the recruitment process that took place from January to June this year, finally on July 1,...

The Expanded GCTA Law and More

Canono at the bodybuilding gym

Behind The Muscles

Riel Eid Al Fitr

R.I.E.L. Strikes Again

MOA Signing Between PhilHealth and BJMP8

Para Kay Lolo At Lola

Community Outreach

Transformation Stories

Are You A Jail Guard?

Are you a Jail Guard?

Several times we heard this label as we embody ourselves to the jail service. In the media, citizens, netizens and even our friends, we in the BJMP seem quiet disappointed about this mistaken tag. Well, in my opinion if called that way, I will tell you; “Hey, we are Jail Officers!”

The Expanded GCTA Law and More

Republic Act No. 10592 or more colloquially known as the Expanded Good Conduct Time Allowance (GCTA) Law is in the crossfire of the...
BJMP Ambassadress

The BJMP Ambassadress of Goodwill Visits Eastern Visayas

Once you visit Eastern Visayas, you shall return! Coz we want our tourists feel that nostalgia upon leaving. Since Region 8...
Canono at the bodybuilding gym

Behind The Muscles

Men are tough and strong,they were built to protect those they love and care for those in need. I have seen...