Sunday, February 17, 2019

Are We Drug Free? So Be Tested!

It’s always been the bureau's advocacy in eradicating drug use among its personnel and PDL. Much more that the current government administration...
Are You A Jail Guard?

Are you a Jail Guard?

CRS Seminar

CRS in Advance Media Relations

I Am Marjun Lelis

I am Marjun Lelis

Community Outreach

Transformation Stories

Are You A Jail Guard?

Are you a Jail Guard?

Several times we heard this label as we embody ourselves to the jail service. In the media, citizens, netizens and even our friends, we in the BJMP seem quiet disappointed about this mistaken tag. Well, in my opinion if called that way, I will tell you; “Hey, we are Jail Officers!”
BJMP Ambassadress

The BJMP Ambassadress of Goodwill Visits Eastern Visayas

Once you visit Eastern Visayas, you shall return! Coz we want our tourists feel that nostalgia upon leaving. Since Region 8...
Nestor Orbeta

Farewell, Sir Orbeta…

He first entered into the uniform service of the Philippine Army (1973) at the age of 16 as trainee 3rd Class and became a member of the original 19th Infantry Battalion. He was trained in Special Warfare Course and Explosives/Ordnance Course while in the Army. He was assigned for peace campaign missions in the hot bed areas of Maguindanao, Sultan Kudarat, South and North Cotabato, Lanao del Sur and Lanao del Norte.
BJMP8 Teambuilding - RD Sicio

Regional Office VIII Personnel: Bonded and Gender-Sensitized

Exploring a picturesque island made up of white, talcum-fresh sand, surrounded by pristine, blue waters and hemmed by two breath-taking sand bars is an experience of a lifetime. What makes it more appealing is when you do so using government official time and with the people you intimately work with.